Posted on: August 27, 2008 4:45 pm
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Obama's Comments On Chicago Cubs!

Now I like Obama as a President,however, as a sports fan he is DUMB. Ths man said Whits Sox baseball is true baseball over Cubs baseball? What city does he live in? Chicago is owned by the Cubs and all the true fans. What kind of tradition do the Whits Sox have? Nothing is your answer! Put It On The Board YESS! Is all the White Sox have that is remotely cool. The Cubs have tradition. When was the last time you heard someone say when I go to Chicago I got to go see US Cellular Park...Thats right no one says that. Everyone who knows baseball or is a fan of baseball wants to see Wrigley Field and the tradition of the Cubs. Obama spoke out of his ass and made a fool of himself on national television. Not good. I believe the Cubs are the best team in the league and the Whit Sox are in a piss poor division. White Sox baseball is a joke. Whenever Obama smartens up and wants to retrack his dumb statement he may redeem himself until then stick to polotics buddy!



What do you think?

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Chicago Bears Fans

This Blog is going to be about the Chicago Bears. Every day I will post a new question and I want you fans to give me your feed back on the question. I will answer my own question and see if you agree with what I think.


The Question: Should the Bears go after Dominic Rhodes?

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